Writing on Issues

Issues Are The Current Problems In The World

An issues-based article is a piece of writing that addresses a current problem. It is typically published in a newspaper, magazine or journal.

Writing on issues is an excellent way to engage with your audience, because you can discuss things that they are interested in. These can include global problems, social issues, political and economic issues.

Aside from the actual content, it is also important to consider the issue’s context. For example, an op-ed on human rights in Africa might include a discussion of how to improve access to education and health care for people living there.

Identify an issue you are passionate about and research it. Start collecting articles, facts, statistics and names of key players.

Think about how the issue has been portrayed in the media, and how that affects your opinion. This will help you to craft a balanced story that will keep readers engaged.

Timing is critical when it comes to issues-based articles, so track the news and jump at opportunities whenever you see them. Often, the best time to publish an op-ed is when a major issue is in the spotlight.

Create a file folder for the issue you’re most interested in and start collecting articles, facts, statistics and names of players. When you have enough material, write a one-sentence statement that sums up your opinion about the issue.

Submit the op-ed to the publication that will most benefit from your perspective on the issue. For example, a researcher studying cancer may want to submit his or her essay to the New York Times.