Polythetic Definitions of Religion


Religion is a collection of beliefs, values, and practices that people have about what they consider sacred. These beliefs, values, and practices often involve beliefs about God, supernatural events, and other divine agents.

It is a social institution that aims to provide basic social needs and values. It also serves as a means of controlling people’s behavior, promoting their physical and psychological well-being, and motivating them to work for social change.

The term “religion” is often confusing, and there are many different views on what constitutes religion. For example, some believe that religion is a collection of beliefs, values, or practices that are shared by people in the same community and which are meant to provide spiritual guidance for life.

Others think that religion is an individual belief system, one that is very personal and based on the person’s experiences. Still others believe that religion is a social institution, one that has an organized structure and which can be traced back to ancient origins (Emerson, Monahan, & Mirola, 2011).

Polythetic Definitions