Where to Find Furniture at a Reasonable Price

Furniture — the pieces you fill your home with to make it livable — is both an important and expensive part of interior design. It helps define a space and can give it a distinct look, whether that’s rustic (beehives) or modern (white leather). It’s also often made to serve a specific purpose, such as sleeping (beds), eating (tables) or seating (chairs).

In the modern era after World War II, simple, sleek furniture designs became popular. This style was influenced by artists and designers from Germany (Marcel Breuer), France (Eileen Gray), Spain (Lilly Reich) and Japan (Isamu Noguchi).

It’s always smart to shop around for the best deal on furniture, and that’s especially true if you’re looking to buy something online. Checking out retailers’ warranties, return policies and return services is a must. You can also find good deals at local thrift stores, yard sales, garage sales and flea markets.

Another option for getting high-quality furniture at a reasonable price is Williams Sonoma. The retailer carries high-end picks for every room in the home, and its product descriptions are detailed and helpful. They include dimensions, weight, materials, country of origin and more. The website also allows customers to draw lines on a digital drawing tablet to show how they’d like their new furniture to look, which can help them avoid buying something that won’t work in their home. It’s also wise to take color into account; a piece that looks muted mauve on the website may be a bright pink in your living room.