What is Spirituality?


Spirituality is a belief that there is more to life than what the physical senses can perceive, more to our existence than just our bodies and their needs, and that we can find meaning, peace and a connection to something bigger than ourselves. It also usually involves the belief that there is a higher form of intelligence or Consciousness running the universe, and/or that there is life after death. Many religions include spiritual beliefs, but a person can be spiritual without being religious.

Spiritual experiences can help people cope with feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. They can also give people a greater sense of hope and optimism, which can lead to better mental and physical health. Research shows that incorporating spiritual experiences into a workplace can help employees feel more satisfied in their job.

The term “spiritual” can be confusing because it is not universally defined. Some people believe that being spiritual requires you to follow a certain religion, while others see it more as a way of connecting with the world and their purpose in it. It can mean anything from practicing a specific meditation technique, to doing volunteer work, to focusing on the things that make your heart sing.

For some, being spiritual can be difficult because of the stereotypes that surround it, or the way their family members and friends might react to them talking about it. Getting clarity on what being spiritual means for you can help you find the best ways to express it.