What is Fashion?


Fashion is a style that expresses personal taste at a given moment. It can be anything from clothing to footwear, accessories and makeup. Fashion also includes a person’s posture, body language and even the way they walk. It is one of the strongest ways culture can influence the modern world.

Fashion can be beautiful and artistic or ugly and trashy. It is difficult to define fashion as it changes so quickly. It is also a combination of all areas of culture including art, sport, music and even architecture. It is a way of communicating the time and the culture in which a person lives.

In the twentieth century the invention of new fabrics made it possible to mass produce clothing which was cheaper and faster. Clothes could now be bought from stores, and the fashion industry became less dependent on tailors. Fashion magazines and newspapers became important outlets for presenting the latest trends and fashion tips. Designers also began to become more involved with politics as they saw the power of their brands as a form of social capital.

The Internet and the development of blogging have led to a new type of fashion called “streetstyle”. This involves people posting pictures of their style on websites or social media, such as Instagram and TikTok. These people are regarded as fashion icons and set the trends for others to follow. Unlike the glamorous fashions of the roaring 20’s that were aimed at expressing status, today’s styles tend to be more individualistic and creative.