What Is a Hobby?


A hobby is an activity that someone pursues outside of work and other daily responsibilities. It is usually practiced for enjoyment and not financial reward. It may be a creative or artistic pursuit, fixing or tinkering, sports or other recreational activities. Hobbies are usually practiced on a regular basis and over time can lead to substantial skill, knowledge or experience.

People develop hobbies based on their interests and inclinations. There are many types of hobbies ranging from collecting stamps or antiques to playing video games. Hobbies can also be educational in nature, such as studying history or science, or can provide social interaction with others with similar interests.

Hobbies can also be an escape from daily stresses. Some people find peace in gardening, knitting or sewing. Others enjoy cooking or playing musical instruments as hobbies. Still others find solace in reading or traveling. Hobbies can also help relieve stress by keeping the mind occupied and providing mental and physical challenges.

Some hobbies produce a tangible end product, from art projects, to software development and the creation of model cars or buildings. These products may be sold to raise funds for the hobbyist or used as a teaching tool for others interested in the hobby.

Hobbies are important for children because they help them to focus on something positive and arouse their curiosity. They can give them a sense of purpose and help them deal with depression. Hobbies can also encourage social skills and a healthy self-esteem.