What is a Hobby?


A hobby is an activity that one enjoys and engages in outside of regular work or school. Hobbies are often creative or arty in nature, but they can also be more active like participating in sports. Hobbies can involve collecting themed items or objects, or they can be more general activities such as reading or playing video games. A hobby can also be a way to learn new skills and improve upon existing ones. For example, many people take up yoga as a way to get healthier and more relaxed.

The word “hobby” is derived from the word hobbyhorse, which was originally a wooden or wicker toy horse that could be ridden like a real horse. It later became a common expression meaning “favorite pastime,” and eventually took on its modern sense of an activity that a person enjoys but does not pursue for financial reward. Typical hobbies include collecting, arts and crafts, fixing or tinkering, and recreational sports.

Some hobbies result in a finished product, such as woodworking, photography, moviemaking, or jewelry making. Others are more casual, such as a person’s collection of stamps or growing roses. Hobbies are a great way to unwind and relax, but they can also help you to meet other people with similar interests.

It is important to find a hobby that you enjoy and can commit to doing regularly. Otherwise, you may start to view it as a chore or become bored with it. If you have kids, it is a good idea to encourage them to try out a variety of hobbies so they can discover what their strengths are.