What Are Some Common Issues?


The United Nations and its specialized agencies work on a wide range of issues, from conflict resolution to disaster relief. They also strive to improve the lives of people in places like Africa and India, and educate them about things like malaria and AIDS.

The issue is something that is of concern to a particular group or class. It can be a matter of policy or ethics. For example, a politician might talk about issues of equality and fairness.

A problem or difficulty: I have been struggling with some issues lately.

Someone might have issues with alcohol or drugs, or they may have a hard time with money. These are all problems, and they can lead to other issues if not addressed.

Something that comes up or is brought to notice: The issue of racism in our town has been a real issue lately.

An area of contention or controversy: The property tax issue has been a contentious one.

A piece of printed or written material that is published and distributed: the latest issue of the magazine.

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