What Are Motorcycles?

Motorcycles (or motorbikes) are two-wheeled vehicles with engines. They are often used for transportation, but can also be used for sport and leisure purposes.

They are less crashworthy than closed vehicles, so they demand a different combination of physical and mental skills to operate safely. They are also significantly more vulnerable to the hazards of weather and road conditions than closed vehicles.


Motorcycles are prone to a variety of crashes and accidents, including those involving other vehicles, pedestrians, and objects. In addition, they are far less visible to other drivers than vehicles with windshields or windows.

The lack of safety equipment is also a hazard for riders, as is the lack of protection in case of an accident. The best way to avoid accidents is to have the proper training, which can be achieved with a motorcycle safety course.

Garage rot:

A bike should be properly maintained and cleaned to ensure that it is in good condition for when you want to use it. If a bike is not ridden for an extended period of time, the brakes can go bad, the gas tank may rust and other components may break down.


A choke is a device that reduces the amount of air that enters the engine to ease starting and cold running. They are usually installed near the carburetors, but can also be located anywhere on the engine.


A motorcycle designed for racing is called a race bike or a superbike. They are often equipped with larger than usual fuel tanks to maximize their power and performance. They are also typically designed for long distance travel, and have special features such as a long-travel suspension and large sump protectors.