Traveling and Hotels

Traveling and hotels is a broad term and it includes all of the fields within service business like hotel, airlines, restaurants and theme parks. It is a multibillion dollar industry that is thriving because of people wanting to see the world and experience new things.

The best way to save money on Traveling and lodging is by booking well in advance. Many online travel sites offer great deals if you book early. Also, if you are signed up to loyalty schemes such as airline or hotel chains always check out competitor rates because they may be cheaper. Additionally, booking between Monday and Thursday is normally cheaper because it’s less busy.

Pleasure Travellers

The pleasure travel market is dominated by the leisure travel sector which encompasses trips such as vacations, treatments, pilgrimage, weddings, stag/hen parties etc. Traveling and hotels cater to this market segment by offering specialised amenities such as spas, gyms, bars, restaurants, conference rooms etc.

Travelers are often price sensitive and look for the best deal and value when it comes to a hotel stay. Travelers usually book their stay in a hotel by following an online search or by contacting a travel agent.

Accommodation type varies depending on how a person is travelling, for example; families and groups will usually choose to stay in hotels or Airbnb (entire property rental). Hostels are popular with budget travelers and can sometimes offer experiences such as pub-crawls, discounted tickets to local attractions etc. Alternatively, Airbnb offers private homes for a more unique experience and has a category called Airbnb Plus that verifies properties to offer guests a higher level of quality control.