Travel and Hotels

The travel industry includes a wide range of business services and businesses that support the traveling public. Some of these are the travel agents who sell tickets and lodging to individuals, families, or groups. The travel industry also includes tour operators who organize and run sightseeing and activity-based tours for visitors to destinations around the world.

Hotels are one of the most important components of the wider service industry, catering to people who require overnight accommodation while on vacation or business trips. This industry is closely linked to the tourism and hospitality industries, although it differs in scope.

There are three main purposes for most tourist trips: o Leisure tourism o Visiting friends and family o Business tourism

While the coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted many sectors of the travel industry, hotels have been among the hardest hit, due to the widespread government-imposed restrictions and lockdowns that have prevented travelers from visiting or even entering countries. This has significantly lowered bookings, which in turn has lowered revenues.

During this time, hotels are focused on improving the guest experience and increasing loyalty through personalization. For example, by offering suggested activities or restaurants to guests based on their booking history, hoteliers can provide more value to their customers and boost satisfaction ratings. Similarly, by providing a seamless experience for online reservations, the hotel industry can improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.