The Hong Kong Mark Six Lottery

hongkong lottery

The Hong Kong Mark Six lottery follows a familiar 6/49 format, but adds a few exciting twists and turns that make the game unique. Players must choose a group of numbers between one and 49, then a machine will automatically pick the winning number. This bonus number is called the “extra ball” and it can win any of the lower prize tiers.

The HKJC gives away millions in proceeds every year to a variety of charities and community projects. The principal areas of support are sports and healthy living, jobs and employment, entertainment and games, opportunities and the cultivation of culture and arts plus helping and volunteering. Over the past decade, the HKJC has donated over HK$ 10 BILLION.

This year’s campaign will see 500,000 free flights awarded, starting with people across Southeast Asia from March 1 to April 1. Then it will open up to people in mainland China until May 1, and finally to everyone else in the world on June 1.

The tickets are valid for a round-trip economy class flight. They will also come with a welcome pack that will provide discounts for more than 1500 different attractions and services. And the best part is, the flights are completely cost-free! However, it’s worth pointing out that the taxes and surcharges will still be applicable. In addition to that, there are also extra fees for checking in bags and changing flights. This will all be outlined in the official terms and conditions.