How Fashion Changes With the Times


Fashion is the way we dress, and it is a form of personal expression. People who wear stylish clothing get lots of compliments and feel good about themselves. People also respect the fact that you aren’t a cheap, dollar-store mannequin.

Fashion changes with the times, and it also varies from country to country. Fashion can also be influenced by music, movies, books and advertising hoardings.

In the past, upper class members of society adapted changing fashion trends in order to show off their wealth and status. They would wear the latest, expensive clothes to impress their peers. In the lower classes, people would follow suit so as not to be left behind. This was the origin of the term “fashionista”, which means someone who slavishly follows the current fashions.

People in the 1700s would spend hours looking at fashion magazines to see what everyone else was wearing. Nowadays, it’s not hard to find fashion magazine coverage on TV, in newspapers and magazines, online and even in blogs.

It is easy to see why people like to imitate their favorite stars in the form of clothes, hairstyles, shoes and other accessories. Stars don’t stay popular by doing the same thing over again, they have to keep finding new angles to attract their audiences.