Five Criteria for a Good News Article


News is information about recent events, happenings, and changes. It can come from many sources, including radio and television, newspapers, and websites.

The purpose of news writing is to inform readers of important events and to help them make informed decisions about their lives. Journalists obtain information by interviewing sources, looking through government documents and researching old articles.

A journalist should aim for objectivity when writing a news article, which means that he or she should present facts in a neutral manner without any personal bias. This is done to promote fairness and to allow people to form their own opinions about an issue, even if those opinions differ from the author’s own.

In order to write a good news article, it is important to follow the following five criteria:

Timeliness – stories that are new have a higher news value than those that are older. For example, if an insect that attacks crops was discovered recently, that is very likely to make a lot of news.

Proximity – stories that take place in the reader’s own area of the world are also considered more interesting than those that happen far away from home. For example, a coup in another country is likely to be more newsworthy than one in the next street over.

Conclusion – People are always interested in stories about people and their behaviour. For example, if a prominent man falls from power or loses a lot of money, this is likely to be newsworthy.