Developing Your Team Through Training and Development


Developing your team through training and development will help you to see more productivity from them, as well as improve their satisfaction with their job. This will all benefit your business as a whole.

Development studies is concerned with a broad range of global problems, including poverty and inequality, climate change and environmental degradation, health, conflict, urbanisation and the spread of infectious diseases. It crosses traditional boundaries – disciplinary, sectoral and national – to generate research that addresses these issues in their multiple dimensions, with the goal of changing people’s lives for the better.

Poverty is the most pressing problem for mankind and is inseparable from the achievement of most other developmental goals. The other major global problem is establishing and preserving peace in all nations and regions, as this is crucial to all other social, economic, and environmental goals.

The international agenda began to focus on development in the second half of the twentieth century. It became clear that, as societies become richer, there are a series of policies that need to be put in place to ensure that the benefits of wealth reach all the people of the world.

Different professionals and researchers have developed a variety of definitions and emphases for development, such as Amartya Sen’s capability approach, which defines development as a tool enabling people to reach their potentials through freedom of action (i.e. economic, social and family actions). Other scholars have used terms such as world views, cosmologies and perspectives to describe the assumptions they base their theories on.