Business Services

Business services

Business services are activities that support a company but do not produce a tangible commodity. These services include information technology (IT) and shipping.

IT services help companies stay connected to their customers and employees. They align IT assets with a firm’s goals and help it become more profitable.

Tech support workers assist businesses with any technological issues they might be having, helping them promptly fix any problems. They also help employees work more efficiently.

Other services that businesses might need are animal control or pest control professionals, maintenance service professionals and tech support workers. These services are important for the overall health and safety of a company, as well as to avoid code violations.

Personal services are also an option for businesses that want to ensure their employees have a comfortable, healthy and productive workplace environment. These services might include fitness centers, massages or other wellness facilities for employees to use.

These services are often offered for a fee and are performed by third parties. Entrepreneurs who offer these services make a living by facilitating and enforcing customer relationships through contracts.

The EU has introduced legislation to remove some of the barriers to entry and stimulate competition in this sector. This includes the EU Services DirectiveEN*** that allows companies to establish in another EU country and provide services to customers across borders.